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of the music business...
With your host, Christopher Knab. EMail Christopher.

The Artist & Product Development Front

The term "Artist Development" encompasses two general concepts. "Pre-Release" issues involve these jobs, tasks, and other considerations that an artist or band must do to create, protect and prepare a recording for the marketplace. "Product Development" issues are concerned with any and all things that must be done to get your music into the marketplace.

What is Artist and Product Development?

Artist Development
Streaming Music Revenue Payments
I Get Emails.... Boy, Do I Get Emails!

Why Are Musicians So Afraid of New Technologies?

Adapt... or Don't

Ignorant Musicians Finish Last

Finding a Manager Isn't as Easy as You Think

Got an Entertainment Law Attorney?

Know the Labels/Publishers You Want to Work With

Excuses Musicians Make for NOT Learning the Music Business

Register Your Songs With the Copyright Office

Be a Master Musician

Play Often No Matter What

Make Music That Doesn't Suck

There are No "10 Steps to Musical Success"

Would You Ask Your Dentist to Work for Free?

The 10 Commandments (Updated) for Musicians and Bands

A Sample Band Partnership Agreement

10 Tips Even the Mo
st Nave Musicians Should Know

Questions You Should Be Able to Answer About Yourself

How Original is Your Music?.... Really?

What's it Going to Be? A Fantasy Music Career or a Real One?

Artist/Band Inventory: Organizing Your Career

Are You a Quitter When Times Get Tough?

Recording Music is the 1st Step. Do You Have Money for the 2nd?

Do You Know How to Get a Record Deal? Take the Test.

16 Timeless Music Business Self-Promotion Tips

Songwriting and the Music Marketplace: A Study Guide
Do You Believe What You've Heard About How the Music Business Operates?

Banking and Loan Issues for Musicians

What is a Band Agreement and Why You Need One

Why I Do What I Do

Mick Jagger on Royalties and Getting Paid for Music

Even More Clueless Letters About the Music Business

"Grunt Work" is What Building Your Music Career is All About

What Every Musician Should Know About Their Fans
Artist Development Questionaire

Who Can You Trust in the Music Business?

Are You Really a *Professional* Musician?
Are You Really a *Professional* Musician?

Draw Attention, but Don't DEMAND Attention

A Music Business Test: How Much to You Really Know?

The Endless Flood of Crappy New Releases
Oh, How the Music Business Keep Changing

PlanningYour Music Career: Part 1
Planning Your Music Career: Part 2
Planning Your Music Career: Part 3
Typical Artist/Band Income & Expenses
25 Things to Know About Distributors
10 Tips to Keep You on the Music Career-Building Path
What Do You Know About Getting Signed and Working With a Record Label?
The "Creative" You and the "Business" You
I Get So Many Clueless Letters!
How and Why Major Labels and Independent Labels Work Together
Entertainment Lawyers: An Introduction
10 Essential Tips for Making a Living with Your Music
2004 Music Career Inventory Sheet
10 Reasons Why Most Demos are Rejected
35 Tips for Self-Management as a Musician
Becoming A 'Priority' At A Record Label
Music Business Internships Do's and Don'ts
Prototype Band Tour and Work Schedule

A Music Business Revolution
Test Your Knowledge: Record Distribution
Thoughts for the Aspiring Musician
Copyright and Songwriting Basics
10 'Reality Sandwiches' For The Independent Musician

What's A Record Label Deal All About?
Inside Record Labels: Organizing Things
The Music Business: Quotes To Live By
Deals That Await Successful Independent Labels
The New Millennium and Changes in the Music Business
Ten Tips for Developing Musicians
What A&R Reps Do
A&R Cover Letter Example
How to Shop for a Record Deal
The Business of Music
Knowing the "Gate Keepers"

Product Development
How Record Labels are Set Up
A Sample Producer's Contract

Things to Remember About Music Distribution

Do You Know How to Get a Record Deal? Take the Test.
Why You Need Independent Record Stores

Types of Music Buyers and How to Appeal to Them

Record Label Priorities: Will Your Act Be One?

Yes, Independent Record Stores Still Exist...

The New Paradigm in Marketing Your Music is Here Now

Some Good Things About the Not So Good Ol' Days

How to Write Your Own Music Marketing Plan

Changes in the Way Music is Sold over the Last 30 Years
A Music Business Revolution
Your CD Cover Is Your Most Important Advertisement
Do You Really Need To Invest In Your Own Barcode?
Top Ten Graphic Tips for Designing CDs
The Music Sales Test
Distributors: How to Attract Them and How to Work With Them
Tax Tips for Musicians
Artist Income Sources

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The Four Fronts...
Artist/Product Development

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Christopher Knab

Music Is Your Business
Christopher Knab and Bartley F. Day's expanded edition of "Music Is Your Business" is filled with more insights into the business side of being a successful musician or band. Included are chapters on both Internet and traditional music marketing methods. The essential legal issues you need to know are explained as are music contract tips, how to license your music, attract distributors, get radio airplay and create a demand for your music. More...

How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet

How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet
Our in-depth guide to music promotion demonstrates how you can combine powerful internet marketing techniques to sell your music merchandise online! Learn what works, what doesn't, and what you shouldn't waste your time and money on.

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Inside Record Labels
Internship Do's & Don'ts
How to Make a Living w/ Music

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Facts About Music Licensing

Trademark Your Band Name?
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Music Marketing Plan
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